Press on projects and international cooperation

During 2013, cooperation with international scientific and other research institutions is achived. Namely, the Geological Survey of Montenegro established cooperation with several European geological research-scientific institutions, as well as with institutions in the region.

In year 2013, cooperation is continued with EuroGeoSurveys (EGS), the Geological Survey of Austria, the Geological Survey of Serbia and Croatian Geological Survey, with whom memorandums of cooperation were signed.

In year 2013, the experts from the Geological Survey participated at professional and scientific congresses, symposia and conferences, and worked on the implementation of multidisciplinary projects, where they had remarkable presentations and reports.

In cooperation with institutions from the region and Europe, the project proposals have been prepared jointly, for support in financing through different programs (SEE, MED, IPA Adriatic, Horizon 2020). Highlights:

  • Participation at the final event HELM Project, Budapest, Hungary, October, 2013
  • Participation in EIONET NRC workshop on Land cover GMES Land Monitoring service implementation, Copenhagen, Denmark, October, 2013.
  • Meetings of the Project SNAP-SEE: Budapest, Hungary, February, 2013; Becici, Montenegro, May 2013; Bratislava, Slovakia, November, 2013.
  • Project SNAP-SEE: The first national consultations, Podgorica, September, 2013; Ljubljana and Zagreb, October, 2013; Belgrade, January, 2014.
  • IPA seminar. Tivat, November, 2013, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.
  • EMODNET-Geology Project Kick-off Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal, January, 2014.
  • Meeting on prepartion of the IPA Adriatic projects, Ljubljana, June, 2013.
  • 3rd AGRIMBA – AVA CONGRESS, Agrobusiness and rural development as a global challenge, University Mediteran, Budva, Montengro, 2013.
  • 42. Conference on actual problems of water use and protection, 2013, Perucac, Serbia.