Mining Works and Research Drilling

Sector for Mining Works and Research Drilling carry out exploration mining and drilling for the purpose of engineering-geological exploration, hydro-geological research and exploration of mineral deposits which are performed with the aim of developing complex substrates required for:

  • construction of infrastructure (motorways, regional roads, halls, residential buildings, etc.),
  • watter syply purposes for settlements, industry and agriculture and
  • research of mineral deposits.

The sector has 3 drilling suites for geotechnical boreholes of all diameters to a depth of 150m, taking samples for geotechnical testing, then drilling hydrogeological investigation, and observation of test wells with installation of piezometer tubes for the purpose of hydrogeological work, drilling, exploration and exploitation wells, etc.

This sector is engaged in the acquisition and installation of pumps for deep wells, installation of water distribution networks and other supporting water intake facilities, as well as geological exploration drilling with or without coring for research of mineral deposits.