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Institution name: Geological Survey of Montenegro

Address: Naselje Krusevac bb, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

Telephone: (+382) 20 245 453
Fax: (+382) 20 245 438

Geological maps of Montenegro
Results of the Geological Survey of Montenegro are numerous. They represent the scientific-technical base for spatial planning and sustainable development, natural resource use, environmental protection and planning for the development of geology in Montenegro. The most important are the following results (maps):

* Basic geological map of the territory of Montenegro, 1: 100.000. Printed on 16 sheets, along with an interpreter.

* Geological map of Montenegro, 1: 200.000. Printed along with an interpreter.

* Structural-tectonic map of Montenegro, 1: 200.000. The manuscript.

* Geological map of Montenegro, 1: 200.000. The manuscript.

* Geochemical map of Montenegro, 1: 200.000, for the three media: brown sediment, soil and parent rock. A total of 5.300 samples of about 40 elements. On the basis of these results Geochemical Atlas of Montenegro was made.

* Geological map of Montenegro, 1: 50.000.

* Geological map of Montenegro, 1: 50.000 (ongoing project).

Geological map
of Montenegro
Metallogenic map
of Montenegro
Mineral resources map
of Montenegro
Hydrogeological map of Montenegro,
sheet Bar
Engineering-geological map, sheet Kotor
Geological map of Montenegro - sheets 1:100 000