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Institution name: Geological Survey of Montenegro

Address: Naselje Krusevac bb, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

Telephone: (+382) 20 245 453
Fax: (+382) 20 245 438

Library of the Geological Survey has a special place and importance in the development of the Institute. The Library has the largest part of the documentation on conducted geological surveys in Montenegro. It consists of a collection of professional and other types of books, with over 4.000 titles; Fund periodicals, which are magazines in the field of geology and related sciences, with approximately 230 different magazine titles from 20 European and other countries and fund of professional documentation, which includes: programs, projects, reports, studies and geological maps of different scale - which are mainly done by experts of the Geological Survey, which represents about 5.000 bibliographic units.

Library consists of three funds: professional documents, periodicals and books fund.

* Documentation of vocational (unpublished) documentation of the Geological Survey is made of over 3.400 items such as: programs, long-term and annual projects, reports, papers, studies as well as various geological and topographic maps, matrix, aerial photos and other documents related to geological investigations. Documentation regarding the oil exploration, which the Geological Survey of Montenegro inherited after the closure of »Nafta« oil exploration in Petrovac in 1964, is stored separately in the premises of the Geological Survey of Montenegro.

* Periodical magazines fund consists of magazines in the filed of geology and related sciences and as such is unique in Montenegro. It is represented by 208 magazines that is primarily received on the basis of exchange, and to smaller extent on the basis of subscription (up to 1990), on the basis of presents from different libraries and scientific institutions from all of the republics of former Yugoslavia, especially from Serbia.

* Library consists of 3.800 titles. The books were collected with purchasing it or receiving it as presents from libraries, different institutions or individuals.

Library of the Geological Survey